Project duration – 12months (1st Feb 2022 – 31st Jan 2023)

Project frame – Erasmus+ KA210-SCH Small scale partnerships in the School Education sector

– shaping ecological sensitivity in preschool children and students of primary and secondary schools,
– shaping a sense of responsibility a local changes in the environment caused by humans,
– making preschool children and primary and secondary school students aware of the problem of packaging and shaping conscious choices,
– providing support to preschool children and primary and secondary school students with fewer opportunities, struggling with social barriers, geographical areas,
– increasing the knowledge of English and knowledge about diversity in EU countries.

– a series of environmental events that will be carried out locally in kindergartens, primary schools and high schools in cooperation with foreign partners and which will aim to develop environmental skills,
– an environmental tournament with prizes, which will be the culmination of the preceding events on ecological issues,
– all kinds of works by children and students, created as part of the project.
– influence on participants soft skills.

Target groups:
The participants will be the staff of schools operating in the field of school education, including teachers, management, other non-didactic staff involved in the strategic development of the schools. We plan that teachers and staff will take part in environmental events, prepare the content of these classes in cooperation with foreign partners, which will allow them to develop, among others, language competences. We plan to involve preschoolers, primary school students and high school students.

PROJECT NEWS – 2022.01.14

EcoSchool Erasmus+ Project first pre start on-line project meeting was held on-line via Teams on 14th January 2022.

Partners discussed topics of the future scenarios of environmental events that will be implemented & an ecological tournament /contest. Also possible methods used to describe things in scenarios regarding different levels of education we want to reach were considered (kindergartens, primary schools and high schools). It was agreed that 1st International Partners Meeting should be held in Poland in March 2022.

DOWNLOADING NEWS – 2022.01 – 2023.01